Customized software

Development of software products and solutions targeted for specific requirements and problems with respect to high levels of automation, centralized multi-element data interpretation and interoperability.

At the beginning of the development process, we analyze your business goals, ideas, expectations and requirements. After a thorough review, we propose the optimal solution. We have extensive experience in software and application development and integration. We pay attention to privacy security, project management, agile development methods and post-implementation phase management and maintenance of the solution.

Our offer includes extranet and intranet solutions, web and mobile applications, Business Intelligence and various other portals and systems for automation, manufacturing, etc.

Some examples of our work and solutions:

ESKIMO - asset management and GIS

The core functionality of the integration platform consists of modules for asset management, multi-element interactive geographic display of data and centralized interpretation of data from various data sources ranging from database systems, file systems to online accessible registries and data.

Asset management and recovery plan, energy management, investment management, asset passporting, mobile apka, visual representation of geodata, cycle paths, data quality control and transformation …
Responsive design, line and object display from vector graphics, action history and statistics, management outputs, high level of automation, modularity, interoperability, integration with AD …

Network security and infrastructure

The basis of network security is a thorough architecture of network elements – switches, routers, access points and firewalls. Ensuring that an organisation’s network infrastructure and data are protected at the network and perimeter level, with separate administration and segmentation, is currently only a basic level of protection against cyber threats. In order to make network security more secure it is important to apply tools, technologies and policies to more complex environments. Our network specialists and security consultants will design and effectively deliver every aspect of network security based on a customized analysis – from multi-layered perimeter and infrastructure protection, to detailed access policies, to comprehensive monitoring, reporting and threat hunting. From our portfolio of products, we select objectively appropriate solutions for data flow-based network monitoring and security, network health analysis products, web application and database firewalls. The main goal of network security is to protect customer applications and improve visibility of non-standard network activity. With the wide range of technologies and services we provide, we can design, implement and then manage custom-designed solutions for any type of organization.

Time Slot Management

Time slot management software enables optimization of planning, registration, management and control of raw material and resource supplies.

Easy online access for suppliers and carriers to book unloading, flexible allocation of time slots also by type of goods, statistics on booking execution, notifications, control and evaluation of suppliers, central registration of…
Increased level of transparency, increased traffic flow, minimum waiting times, increased handling capacity, predictive planning, efficient coordination…

Sharepoint applications

Development of custom applications, workflows and processes in Sharepoint, Sharepoint Online and Power Apps environments. We integrate Sharepoint Online and on-premise environments and applications to improve visibility and automate day-to-day activities.

Contract workflow, invoice approval, register, electronic invoicing and matching, vendor reviews, file libraries, portal solutions, training applications…
Cloud and on-premise solutions, subscription licensing, integration with Microsoft 365 and proprietary software, all the benefits of cloud infrastructure…

Secure data exchange

The web application serves as a temporary online repository for the secure exchange of sensitive data between specific users.

Secure encrypted file transfer, storage and sharing with invited users, for both internal and external users, automated configurable notifications and retention policies
Integration with AD using SSO, multi-platform support, corporate visual integration, high level of security, Qualys A+ rating, GDPR compliant

eInvoicing - a unique invoicing system

Manage invoices to automate processes and day-to-day activities. Development of a portal security solution for receiving, matching and distributing invoices in a multi-language environment.

Secure encrypted file transfer, storage and sharing with internal and external users, automated configurable notifications and retention policies.
Pairing and scanning of data via scripting, synchronization of invoices, distribution for approval and e-signature through to e-invoicing and logging of the entire process cycle. Synchronization of on-premise and Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment, Exchange server, SharePoint application, MSQL database and Secufex portal for high level security.

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Our goal is to deliver functional and reliable IT solutions that are subject to thorough analysis. When designing solutions, we emphasize sustainability and an individual approach according to each customer’s specific requirements. The basic pillars that guide us in the creation of IT solutions are internationally recognized standards such as ISO, NIST, CIS, GDPR and others. Then comes the testing and implementation according to proven procedures by our team of certified technicians.

We have extensive experience in IT administration. We understand that any outage caused by system or human error or cyber attack can affect your business. That’s why we make sure that your IT solutions are secure, reliable and worry-free. Take a closer look at our solutions services:

Network solutions

Switching, routing, firewall, wifi, network security and the world of passive and active network elements

Network solutions
Server solutions

Data centers, IT infrastructure, virtualization, databases, backup and the world of data

Server solutions
Cyber and information security

Application, network, information, analytical and object world of IT security

Cyber and information security
Cloud infrastructure and Microsoft

Hybrid storage and cloud solutions, Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud world

Cloud infrastructure and MicrosoftMicrosoft riešenia
Outsourcing and IT operation

Monitoring and management of the network, servers, end-points and the help desk world

Outsourcing and IT
Custom software

Applications, automation, business intelligence and the world of software solutions

Custom software
Digitisation and office solutions

Technology, hardware and the world of system solutions

Digitisation and office solutions
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