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Outsourcing services

A secure and cost efficient operation of business systems is essential for companies operating in the competitive sector. Application of IT Outsourcing can be a solution, and it has been tested and proven in both the Slovak and international practice. In that scheme the customer buys high quality and measurable service, at a predefined cost level. And the company itself can focus on their primary business

Services may range from data backup, securing servers or users stations operation to full operation of company's infrastructure including security, proactive monitoring and further IT infrastructure development.

Disaster Management

Every IT system without a related disaster management plan is considered risky. Even the most sophisticated security measures are not enough to fully exclude the accidental or even intentionally caused outage of the IT services of an organisation. Although the probability of a full outage is low, the resulting damages would be enormous. Because of that, it is important to assess the impacts of the outage of IT systems and have contingency plans ready.


Security products also represented by Synergon provide a complete, integrated solution to an enterprise's network security issues and requirements. These products can be classified into the following three main solution groups: boundary protection firewall systems, VPN virtual private network systems, and intrusion detection (IDS) systems. Today the use of firewall, boundary protection systems is already a basic requirement for a secure Internet connection of an enterprise or for the implementation of its presence on the Internet. Moreover, the application of firewalls is expedient not only for the development of the publicly accessible, so-called demilitarised or internal boundary protection zones but also for the further segmentation of the enterprise's network, that is the development of further boundary protection zones, e.g. for the implementation of the B2B communication between the partner enterprises. Moving on a wide scale, Cisco’s firewall products meet the requirements from the simpler small enterprise solution as well as the large enterprise, high availability, so-called HA solutions. The VPN virtual private network systems offer a secure and cost effective method for the implementation of the so-called Intranet communication between the different sites of the enterprise, the so-called Extranet communication between the partner enterprises or the remote and mobile access, the so-called home-working and mobile-working. It is generally used to increase the security of communication on the Internet or wireless WLAN networks which are subject to a higher level of threat. VPN systems apply the IPsec Internet security standards, which satisfy the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and accountability – among other things – by means of verifying the DES, 3DES or AES traffic encrypting and the origin of the package. While firewalls can be regarded as passive tools of protection, the so-called IDS, Intrusion Detection System or IPS, Intrusion Prevention System provides an active protection. One system type connected to a given network analyses the traffic passing through the network in real time, searching for known attack patterns.

While firewalls can be regarded as passive tools of protection, the so-called IDS, Intrusion Detection System or IPS, Intrusion Prevention System provides an active protection. One system type connected to a given network analyses the traffic passing through the network in real time, searching for known attack patterns.

Security incidents information analysis is a process which enables companies to detect attacks to the computer systems and provide tools for most effective elimination such attacks using professional tools. Aim of these analyses is solution proposal and setting up of scenario with action designed to reduce damages to production process to minimum.

Prevent your data leaks.

• Minimise false positives
• Security Policy Alignment
• Centralised Management
• Swift and low-cost deployment
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Are your employees losing sensitive data without even knowing it? Data loss prevention is critical to protect customer data and intellectual property from the growing volume of threats—whether it’s data-stealing malware, hackers, accidental loss, or malicious insider leaks. A powerful data loss prevention (DLP) solution by Synergon provides the broadest protection for any endpoint—whether online or offline. Plus, it reduces costs and problems with high performance, fast deployment, and your choice of form factors. Automated tools make it easy to identify, track, and secure data at rest, in use, and in motion.

How much is your data worth?

• Continuous protection
• Application Run Control
• Individual profiles option
• Support of wide variety of OS
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The protection of important data is one of the major tasks with which all organisations have to cope nowadays. Data may frequently travel on the Internet, be transmitted onto a CD, sensitive information is carried about on a PDA or a laptop; in all manners which are part of the modern working environment of our present days. Regarding the security of the data storage devices the portable devices can be considered critical: it is difficult to provide a continuous protection against theft of or unauthorised access to these devices, so the prevention of any unauthorised data retrieval or decryption is of fundamental interest.

Keep your mailbox safe.

• Patented technology for filtering
• Real time protection
• Bayesian filter
• Checking on the server side
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MAIL SECURITY, Content Blocking and Filtering


The quantity of the uncalled for electronic mails is increasing drastically every day causing serious problems to large organisations. The application of Anti-Spam solutions, preferably still at the gateway level, has become inevitable with each modern complex information technology security system. The software created as the mutual development of ‘Kaspersky Labs’ and ‘Ashamanov and Partners’ is one of the most efficient solutions available on the market for optimising mailing and network traffic.

By now the diverse content filtering solutions have become an important supplement to the classic virus protection solutions, not only improving the efficiency of the internal information technology systems but increasing the security level of the business procedures as well.

Antivirus security
Keep safe from imminent and future threats.

• For physical and virtual environment
• Central management
• Personalised rules and positionsbr
• Replicating with other servers
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Viruses and Malware Protection Tools


Viruses, worms and other malicious programmes are some of the most frequent threats of present time. Mere installation of antivirus software is not sufficient for the protection against viruses, its continuous and reliable operation as well as the regular update of the virus information should also be provided. Companies Eset and Symantec are well-known mainly due to its quality anti-virus products, which embrace the entire enterprise level anti-virus portfolio.

Data protection
Bet on information security.

• Security rules creation
• Complex analysis
• Compliance with the law
• Personalised and professional approach
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IT Security and Privacy Consultations


Information is the most valuable resource and capital of organisations in our knowledge-based economy. Information has to be protected and ensured in the same way as our physical or financial values. Similarly, to ensuring traditional values, the IT security related expenses may seem to be redundant expenses, as long as there is no trouble. Afterwards, we will only regret how much less expensive prevention and security measures would have been. Synergon offers bundled services consisting of following parts with particular focus on creating and maintaining optimal and price effective security level.

IT security assessment is the first step of comprehensive solution of IT security and it consists of identifying the conditions resulting from business and environment. Next step is a risk analysis aimed at identifying threats which can cause serious damage to the company and determining acceptable level of residual risk for security. Implementation of security policy is based on objective risk assessment to optimal security costs. Security IT strategy and organisation design comes from establishing objectives for security and conceptual implementation plan which will be prepared based on known requirements, possibilities and potential risk.


Security Technology Systems

IP technology gets very quickly into various areas of our everyday life, and has become one of the most dynamically developing technologies of these days. The development of cameras, video technology and admission control systems have by now reached the level of providing a real alternative to traditional CCTV (closed circuit television) and admission systems.