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Business Intelligence

Although companies work with a great amount of data, sometimes the required information is not available. In many cases information are stored and implemented in different systems. Executives are not always successful in obtaining usable summary business data therefore they struggle to summarise data to meaningful reports. The fact that information contained in created reports does not contain actual data can be another problem whereas company management has to work with actual data and in this case he does not have clear overview of real company situation. For the following reasons many companies are looking for tools which provide effective operation.

Business Intelligent and Management Information System can be solutions to these problems. MIS can display data using transparent charts and tables. Reports from properly designed MIS could be available in a minute and can be displayed on monitors or can be proposed in a printed form. It is possible to analyse many types of data from daily turnover, cash flow indicator, payment behaviour, stocks to the plans fulfilling including their relevant indicators.

The configuration of a Business Intelligent and Management Information System (MIS) is a complex task which can be implemented by Synergon on several platforms; Synergon has experience with analysing the data asset, transforming the data, designing and implementing the data warehouse on which the information technology solution is based.


Based on recent research amount of unmanaged documents in average organisation is increased by 65 to 200% per year depending on industry sector in which the company is involved. Research shows that each year one employee working in an office can create up to 800 MB of company data more compared to previous year. Other associates usually don’t know whether their created document exists in more versions or whether their document version is the only one. Process of creating, approving, publishing and saving documents is a key factor for most organisations on the market.

The deployment of document management solutions enables the company to manage the process of creating internally generated documents within a unified team work tool, to ensure that each colleague can work on the most recent version of the documents as well as the publication of certain documents through a predefined approval process. The information involved in the document management supported by means of the document management tool can always be found quickly due to the advanced search functions.


In the course of enterprise operation, besides individual work, tasks that require team work to solve them arise more often. Efficient communications, as well as provision of the relevant information required for each member’s work on the team are essential for a successful cooperation. Deployment of solution for team work collaboration cannot be viewed solely as an IT project since it’s affecting the way of company’s team work members’ habits significantly. E.g. Employees have to get used to the fact that their work will get carried out through a web portal with many new features instead of widely used saving their documents locally or in their mailbox.

In the view of the above, it is important to also pay attention to necessary organisation changes in the project of creating companies’ team work. Synergon has experience with deployment of collaboration portal solutions and with its integration into their company culture and company sources so that they become integral part of work tool for every employee.

Our portal solutions present a combination of customer visions and our expertise. We are able to create customised web design built on various CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Typo. Using different and appropriate programming languages, cascading styles and Photoshop graphics ensure web page uniqueness and distinctiveness.

Responsive web design

• HD, 4K, retina
• Smartphones
• Tablets
• PC, TV

Web application

• Custom made application
• Functionalities implementation
• Registration/login
• Dynamic content modification

Web shop

• Custom made design
• Notification implementation
• Filter, Categories
• User responses

Moderné technologies

• Wordpress, Joomla, Typo...
• JS, PHP, HTML5...
• CSS, Photoshop
• Social network integration

Custom application development

Large enterprises and public administration organisations require the information technology support for constantly changing processes so that their efficiency can be improved. The information systems fulfilling special needs still require a comprehensive individual development or the configuration of individual components matching to the currently existing products. Synergon can provide customised solution for every relevant system including Microsoft .Net or Java J2EE. Our tools for requirements management and profound methodology guarantee to meet the objectives identified within the pre-agreed time frame and high quality of our provided products.

Mobile applications

Modern mobile applications are rocking the world today and are an integral part of every multimedia equipment. Smartphone and tablet users using mobile applications on their devices instead of using web browsers and web applications. For these reasons, we offer the development of custom applications and applications for different platforms. User interface with custom design and integration gestures facilitate control applications and deliver a large number of users. Integration of social networks we can achieve easier registration application and also use social networking services to let users know about the application. Throughout the development process the application is adequately tested in various ways to achieve the greatest reliability. Test results together with the applied functionalities are discussed with the customer to satisfy his needs to the greatest extent possible and to achieve the success of the developed application.


• Swipe commands on touch screen
• 2 Finger Gesture Zooming
• Implementing gestures as desired
• Intuitive control
• User friendly environment


• Customised features
• iOS and Android
• Push and local notification
• Tailored UI design
• Social network integration

Research + Development

Today's world is moving, through collection and analysis of data based on which it is possible to formulate hypotheses and dependencies that affect course of events in our society. On the basis of the results gained this way, companies active in the field of business make decisions on how to focus on selected target groups, how to adjust their services or adjust selling methods. This approach is increasingly practised in different areas of human life (health care, sport, tourism, transportation). This is the reason why the area of research and development has been chosen by our company in order to create universal tools applicable to any Big data or Open data. Generating dependencies based on these input data we are trying to create data basis for hypothesis creation results of which can be accepted or refused through modelling and building of scenarios. Thus-defined environment can create unique solutions that can facilitate communication and marketing strategies, but also to help people in various areas of public life.