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Hardware Solutions

Bringing proven quality of world renowned vendors such as IBM, HP, Lenovo or Cisco, Synergon, has been selling, supporting and providing server maintenance, external storage devices and back-up systems. We are a certified partner of the above mentioned companies and thanks to that, we maintain excellent relationships with the Slovak representative offices of these vendors, we enjoy maximum support from them and we are able to provide exclusive benefits to our customers as well. Our professionals are highly trained and thoroughly experienced in operating these products.

Infrastructure design
Hardware that you can rely on.

• Integrated Solutions
• High reliability
• Scalability
• Proven solutions
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Basic Infrastructure proposal


Each scheme has to be based on well-functioning of a stable core of the system. While proposing the necessary solutions the greatest possible emphasis is put on ensuring the proper functioning of the system components. Highly skilled and experienced professionals from our company (Synergon) are able to provide professional and stable services and solutions to our partners. Synergon offers its customers a number of complete business solutions on reliable Windows Server platform, like enterprise resource management, decision support or commercial solutions. The solutions based on Windows Server software are very reliable - very powerful file, printer and application server provides secure platform for both the BackOffice and the Internet based systems. Furthermore, the directory service that we have mentioned enables the users to find the objects by specifying any of their attributes.

Virtual environment which brings real savings.

• Operation flexibility
• Backup effectiveness
• V motion technology
• Effective administration and managemen
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Virtualization means the creation of an abstract layer, which detaches the physical hardware from the operating system, in order to ensure better utilisation of IT resources and higher flexibility. Virtualization has become an important factor these days - it supports the stability, security and manageability of business processes and operation in global IT infrastructure. There are several active manufacturers in the market of virtualization technologies, however the products of market leader VMware exceed them with their original solutions and outstanding cost-performance ratio.

Database environment
Effective data sharing and processing.

• Design, administration and management
• Unified data management
• Cluster solutions
• Solutions for teamwork
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Infrastructure-based Database Systems Design and implementation


Synergon has several years of experience in the production of base infrastructure necessary for systems running business applications. Our professionals design and install the foundations of business solutions offered by Microsoft, such as the Project Server infrastructure and the SharePoint Portal Server. Well configured database management system with accurate parameter settings are the basic requirements for the support of business applications that require Microsoft SQL or Oracle DB software. Thanks to diverse skills of our professionals, we can adapt to our customers' expectations or the manufacturers' application specific expectations.

Prophylactic and it infrastructure management service

Enhancing the competitiveness of the companies participating in the market environment presents one of the biggest challenges nowadays. In order to accomplish this objective, we need to ensure the continuity of business, enhance the safety and the protection of data, while reducing the operating costs. In order to create an opportunity to meet these seemingly conflicting expectations (i.e. sustainability of constant and safe business operations, while reducing costs), it is important that the operations of the given company be supported by an appropriate control system and a professional background, as this is an essential element of proactive interventions.

Support services provide assistance and complement the work of IT system operators. These help to guarantee high quality system operation which is capable of fully satisfying the needs of a particular company or organisation. Support services include SLA based reactive and proactive activities that are aimed to increase service availability, as well as further development and infrastructure consolidation in a medium and long-term perspective.

Data network

Meeting high demands when it comes to data transfers including online audio and video streams is nowadays a necessary condition for successful operation in most organisations. Also in the context of a growing need for availability and using company and private portable devices which are necessary to integrate into company's infrastructure in a safe and secure way, well designed and configured data network represents the basis of the corporate technological equipment. Attention should be paid also to its scheduled maintenance, further development and security.

Network design
Right decisions based on right information.

• Concept development
• Professional output
• Thorough analysis
• Low investment
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Network topology mapping/documentation preparation


One of the most important aspects of the communications networks operation is to ensure the continuous transparency and profound network topology documentation. Unfortunately, in everyday practice it is a generally occurring problem that network expansions and the modifications performed during the operation are not registered in the network documentation which is consequently losing its precision. After a certain amount of time, an absolute confusion arises where the available documentation does not reflect the real conditions (not even closely) anymore. Trough Synergon regular network documentation update it is possible to continually maintain up-to-date network documentation including retrospective traceability of the changes made. If necessary, it is possible to restore required status with little effort by means of this documentation.

Wireless networks
Mobility is a must nowadays.

• Good quality/price ratio
• Security of transmission
• Authorised users only
• Security features
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Wireless networks


Nowadays there is a growing need for wireless network access products by means of which the wide service choice of data transmission can be delivered to users in an efficient, flexible and cost effective way. The application of the wireless transmission method offers an alternative or complex potential for the replacement or substitution of the connections represented by the wired transmission media.
Synergon offers its customers design preparation, building wireless network as well as services associated with their operation and maintenance with particular emphasis on customers' needs.

Structured cable network
Basic component of any data network

• Design and installation
• Network expansion option
• High quality network components
• Guaranteed data throughput
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Structured Copper Cabling Design and Implementation


Štruktúrovaná kabelážna sieť predstavuje základ pre IT systémy: každé zariadenie aj softvérový prvok v systéme je vzájomne prepojený prostredníctvom siete a preto žiadna spoľahlivá IT sieť nemôže existovať bez vysokokvalitných káblových komponentov. Taktiež úprava alebo ďalší rozvoj štruktúrovaných metalických sietí predstavuje úlohu, ktorú je potrebné brať do úvahy už pri ich návrhu a realizácii.

Fiber-optic networks
Network which is ready for the future.

• Wide bandwidth data transmission
• High reliability
• Design proposal
• Excavation works
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Fiber-Optic Networks Design and Implementation


Over the recent period, the development of IT and telecommunications has been progressing in giant steps, and the trend continues into these days. Over the recent decade data transmission speed has almost doubled every year, as more and more users (and simultaneously, applications requiring increasingly higher bandwidth) have connected to the networks or require nonstop online connection. One solution to resolve increasing demand for speed and data availability is building fibre-optic network. Synergon provides an integrated turn-key solution for building structured and fibre-optic networks. Our professionals are able to provide pre-sales support, manage contract using project methodology and create accompanying technical documentation.

Network security
Choose the best solution.

• Data monitoring
• Cisco Net Flow
• Real network condition
• Increased network performance
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Network security


Network security problems may be solved by means of many instruments and procedures. Network traffic monitoring is an integral part of these tools. On the contrary to standard monitoring in network traffic monitoring we can characterise and analyse network security parameters through traffic flows in real time. Thanks to using these tools it is possible to understand who, what, when, where, and how network traffic is flowing, real utilisation of network resources, detect network congestion, precise application and users network usage and many other parameters. Cisco technology Net Flow has been regarded as a standard in this area. Our experts using Cisco Net Flow are able to review condition of your data network, detect security and operational risks and set out system parameter anomaly so that system can provide maximum security and stable basis for keeping your network secure.

Network optimisation
Avoid network congestion.

• Immediate effect
• Fast deployment
• Easy scalability
• Proven solutions
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Network Communication Optimisation


In the event of companies operating a shared network infrastructure with several sites (LAN/WAN heterogeneous networks) the efficiency of the access to the shared resources is a critical factor. The erratic services (such as mailing, file server access, IP telephony, videoconference, etc.) between two points of the network have a significant effect on the everyday work of users and the efficiency of the value creating processes. Increasing either the internal or the external capacities may be the solution to the increase in the operational reliability and speed of network services and the satisfaction of the increasing hunger of applications for bandwidth.
Network communication optimisation is dynamically developing areas in the IT solutions market. However it should be stressed out, that making these solutions work can be deemed effective only after evaluating individual user experience. Synergon solutions are based on Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) as one of the product portfolio provided by Cisco.


It is not possible to avoid personal meetings at all, but a virtual meeting can help organisations to reduce costs. Videoconferencing systems give you the opportunity to do productive work instead of travelling. It is also much easier to organise a virtual meeting than an ordinary one which leads to faster decision making and to achieving business goals. Synergon generally offers two types of videoconferencing systems. First works as a personal equipment for every person participating in videoconference meeting, other type is provided as a stand-alone equipment in a room designed for virtual meetings.