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Company profile

Synergon a. s. is a young, dynamically developing company focusing on information technology. The company was established in 2012 as a limited liability company. During 2014 we expanded into Bratislava and Liptovsky Mikulas where we established our branches. In 2015 we have transformed into a joint-stock company.

We are the company that knows that providing high-quality solutions and services represents the basic requirement of our customer demands in a constantly changing market environment, that's why we always provide more.

Not only we are considering our work from the point of view of the contractor, but also from the view of a customer who is using our designed information system on a daily basis and relying on the services of our specialists in case they are needed. Provision of computing resources and services, on which the customer's productive or business and administrative activity depends, is an obligation and a responsibility that defines our entire work.

We believe that we have always been and we always will be a reliable partner to our customers.

Board of Directors

Ing. Marián Zolcer

chairman of the board of directors

business strategy director

Ing. Richard Tannhauser

member of the board of directors


Ing. Branislav Školník

member of the board of directors

head of project development

Code of ethics

• Customers' trade interests are of high priority
• We carry out our business in an independent, professional manner with full regard to ethical, social and moral standards
• We avoid situations that would involve a conflict of interest while performing our duties
• We only provide objective, fact-based information to our customers
• Our customer has the right to be informed about any possible risks and limitations arising from the nature of provided solutions and shipments
• Price of the services and supply of goods does not contain any hidden charges, clearly reflects the range of services and supply of goods provided
• Our company does not misuse our knowledge and experience against our customers who lack good understanding of Information Technology (IT)
• Our company respects financial discipline that was agreed upon by all our suppliers and partners
• Our company shall compete only for those contracts which we are able to implement with required competence, on scheduled date and scope
• Our company shall respect national data protection law as well as information security principles
• Our company observes secrecy and confidentiality of information with regard to all information obtained from third parties while carrying out our tasks
• We do not comment on the practices and conduct of other suppliers and partners in any way
• Our company shall avoid any direct or indirect activities which are not in line with the law or good manners
• We defend our company's and customers' reputation through our activities
• We keep existing agreements with our customers regardless of their form and circumstances

Quality management system (ISO)

Company Synergon a. s. has a quality management system for the main scope of its operation implemented since 2014.

Quality system has been certified by a renowned certification authority QECON, spol. s. r. o. Certificate is applicable to design, sales, implementation, services and training of customers in IT technologies. Certificate is applicable to training in IT as well.

This implemented quality management system guarantees high quality of our solutions and services which are provided in accordance with approved rules and standards.

Quality policy

Motto: "Company's key objective is a satisfied customer."

• Designing, selling, implementing and providing products according to customers requirements with technical support and customer training
• Creating appropriate conditions and earmarking financial sources which are necessary to meet customer requirements
• Building partner relationships with contractors based on mutual trust through fulfilment of their requirements
• Rather than dealing with complaints, we prefer conducting business in a proper way
• Identifying problems and in case of their existence taking immediate remedial or precautionary measures
• To identify the level and the way of further necessary development of the company, to make it even more successful
• Constantly examine set out quality policy with regard to its continued suitability
• Constantly apply the principle of prevention rather than the principle of problem detection


Products and Projects

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Synergon je stabilná spoločnosti s centrálou pôsobiacou v centre Slovenska, ktorá si uvedomuje, že jej najväčšie aktívum sa skrýva v zamestnancoch tvoriacich skutočnú pridanú hodnotu spoločnosti a ktorí si uvedomujú svoje miesto v kolektíve aj vo vzťahu k zákazníkom. Napriek mladému veku spoločnosti má vo svojich radoch ľudí pôsobiacich v tejto oblasti už takpovediac od vzniku slovenského trhu s výpočtovou technikou.

Tak ako spoločnosť rastie, pribúdajú nové projekty a riešenia pre našich zákazníkov. S novými zákazkami vzniká potreba nových pracovníkov, ktorí by v spolupráci s nami vytvorili stabilný základ pre budúce pôsobenie spoločnosti a prispeli k jej ďalším úspechom.

Novým zamestnancom poskytuje možnosť dostať sa k zaujímavej práci, rozvíjať svoj pracovný a odborný potenciál v mladom a družnom kolektíve s náležitým finančným ohodnotením.

V prípade záujmu pracovať v našej spoločnosti je možné zaslať svoj životopis na firemnú adresu
V zmysle Zákona č. 122/2013 Z.z. o ochrane osobných údajov prosíme pripojiť k žiadosti aj súhlas so spracovaním osobných údajov za účelom výberu uchádzačov.


Working with information technologies requires constant communication with our customers. For this reason we cannot fully guarantee the presence of our colleagues in offices nor their availability. Therefore in case you need to meet us in person in our premises, please call us in advance to arrange a meeting.

Partizánska cesta 5565/77
974 01 Banská Bystrica
Branch Office
Priemyselná 1
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš
Branch Office
Ružová dolina 6
821 08 Bratislava
Synergon a.s.
Partizánska cesta 5565/77
974 01 Banská Bystrica
identification data

Identification data


A company registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica part Sa, No 1096/S.
IČO:46 928 073
IČ DPH: SK2023651608
DIČ: 2023651608
IBAN: SK5109000000005036080199

obchod:     +421 48 281 22 19
helpdesk:   +421 48 281 22 22
sekretariat: +421 48 281 22 11