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Education and certification

Use our offer for education and learn new skills to help you streamline your work. Our company offers a wide range of full-time courses, online courses or their combination. Training provided by our company is directly related to our sold and implemented hardware equipment and systems, and provides training in other, customer required fields. If you require training in the field that you cannot find in our offer, please contact us, we will certainly find a solution that will meet your expectation


• Google applications
• Working in MS Windows
• Working in MS Excel
• Working in MS Word
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Computer training


Google applications

In this training we will learn to work with Google applications, learn about services they include and benefits they bring. We will learn to log in to various services, learn to work with Gmail interface to work with e-mail, change your password and use plug-ins.

Google Labs.

We will learn to work in Google Calendar, enter event calendaring, Google Docs - share documents. We will be working with Google spreadsheets, xls spreadsheet import, modify the table, use formulas etc. We will focus on the more advanced features of Google Calendar to organise meetings within the company. How to create an event, send out invitations, room reservation, change or cancel an event.

Working in MS Windows

We will learn to work in the MS Windows environment, learn the basic terminology system and gain knowledge needed for normal computing. In this course you will learn the basics of safety information technology.

MS Office - different versions (possibility of preparing the ECDL)

We will teach you how to work in MS Windows - MS Office. We will learn to work in the MS Office applications - Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, basic work with databases, MS Outlook, basics of online safety in the use of ICT. Graduate training to acquire skills according to ECDL syllabus - manages to work effectively with a computer and use MS Office package in practice.

Working in MS Excel

We will teach you to create tables, format tables, perform calculations in tables using a formula, charting and other features you can use to simplify, speed up and streamline your work. We will teach you to control the basics of working with cells, rows, columns, worksheets and spreadsheets. You will learn to create and enter simple formulas using basic mathematical operations using practical exercises. We will teach you to use MS Excel to analyse data and develop contingency tables. We will focus on clarification of the tables containing data, calculations using formulas and other features. We will learn to use tools and features that allow us to analyse these data and provide different outputs.

Working in MS Word

We will teach you to handle basic work with the text - formatting and adjust the position of text on a page. We will teach you how to insert AutoShapes, pictures, simple image editing. After mastering the regular work in MS Word format we will teach you how to perform advanced tasks including the formation of motifs and styles. Spell checking, auto repairs. Inserting various types of objects - tables, graphs. Document security password and set permissions. When creating a large amount of correspondence it is necessary to streamline work in MS Word using the mail merge, templates and electronic forms, creating work reports and books and documents with a range of large numbers of pages in which the required table number, create footnotes or work with citations.

Working in MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the most widely used tool for creating presentations. This course is designed as a PowerPoint training to master the skills of effective creation of presentations. After completing this course you will be able to use the correct procedure for creating electronic content, appropriately use themes and templates, handle both animations and effective use of graphics.
• Interactive presentations
• Creation of interactive tests (Alf)
• Voting Equipment
• E-learning
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Digital a interactive technologies


Work in the application to create interactive presentations (MS PowerPoint, Prezi)

This education is aimed at acquiring knowledge about the possibilities of using interactive presentations, production of materials for marketing, education, creation of didactic tests. You will learn to use these practical skills in MS PowerPoint and Prezi.

Creation of interactive tests (Alf)

We will teach you to create interactive tests that match your requirements (in Alf Program). You will learn to use the principles of online testing. Remote testing of students.

Voting Equipment

Modern technology combined interaction with the evaluation of teaching to increase productivity. Using their wireless devices, students can answer questions and record their answers. Student will reply with a simple click - Press the button. Teacher can thus devote most of his time to teaching and not to paperwork and assessment. Easy to use - you will create the questions in PowerPoint easily, or import them from other sources.

Working with interactive whiteboard

We will teach you to work with an interactive whiteboard and handle bundled software for whiteboards, the computers, interactive whiteboards, data projectors, interactive and annotation mode, creation of documents on-screen keyboard, create and save a document, drawing tools, geometrical objects, rubber, highlighting, tools the selection of objects, text fields, work with colours, features geometric shapes, work with the parties, inserting images, wallpapers, sounds, videos, flash applications, expanding library of external resources and the internet, layers, transparency, hyperlink links between documents, Magnifier, Aperture tool, Spotlight tool, export files, rearrange pages, create videos of presentations, continuous creation tasks using transposed instruments.


E-learning is the most advanced method of teaching using information technology. It is the implementation of information technology in the development, distribution and management of education or teaching. E-learning is an effective means of connecting with students or employees and to pass valuable information to them through long distance. The transmission of information is most often carried out through online distance courses.

• Cisco technologies
• Managing Windows Server, Linux
• Managing database environment
• Managing virtual environment
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Cisco network technology

Our Cisco training in the field of data infrastructure and network security issues involves a wide-ranging analysis process of the network communication, clarifying the principles of operation of the primary activities of network devices such as hubs, bridges, switches, routers and L3 or L4 firewalls. Through practical tasks and exercises we will provide answers to questions concerning design of the architecture addresses, IP addressing scheme, IPv6 addresses, static and dynamic routing, dynamic IP addresses (DHCP), DNS, virtual rigging. Attention is paid to the theme of interconnection networks, VLANs via Multi-Layer Switching Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP), Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), security and configuration during setup redundancy, load sharing, security routers, firewalls, create an access list (ACL) and static and dynamic NAT.

Administration Windows Server 2012

We will help you to get familiar with the issue of the administration of Windows Server 2012, including the understanding of the functioning and use of tools and services Management Server Core, PowerShell 3.0, Active Directory, cloning DC, Group Policy, DHCP policy, DHCP Failover, NIC Teaming, IP Address Management, DirectAccess, Dynamic Access Control. Through practical demonstrations we familiarise candidates with the power of virtualization using Hyper-V 3.0, Hyper-V Replica, Virtual Port ACL. Range of topics can be extended based on individual customer requirements.

Administration of Linux systems

Candidates receive information necessary to manage the administration of operating systems in a Linux environment, the installation and configuration of a system and process management. We will learn how to evaluate system logs to understand Syslogd, Rsyslogd, rotating logs, the principle of collecting logs, task scheduling by AT, CRON, Fcron and backup set using the tools Tar, Cpio, Partclone, Dump-Restore, Rsync, Rdiff-backup.


Oblasť manažérskych a komunikačných zručností

Management skills
• Styles of leadership as a manager
• Planning, delegation
• Time Management
• Motivation and Evaluation
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Management skills


Trainees will learn how to successfully receive and deliver information. They will learn to perceive and understand the various typologies of people. They can handle basic techniques of effective communication. Our selection of fields of training: self-awareness, assertiveness, managerial role, rules of communication, active listening, information management, task assignment, monitoring, providing and receiving feedback, approval, criticism, barriers to communication, the reasons for conflict, recognition of individual personality types. Content of this course is focused on practical skills of a modern manager in his everyday work.

Communication skills
• Team work
• Selfmarketing
• Conflict resolution
• Certification ECo-C®
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Communication skills


Using four course modules - Teamwork, Self-Marketing, Conflict Management and Communication module - graduates gain insight into the structures of behaviour, ways of communication and the search for motives that form the foundations of communication. They acquire communication techniques to help them cope with interpersonal relationships in their own team, as well as in customer relations. The aim of education is to control the basic rules of personality development and communication, team spirit, self-confidence, flexibility, ability to solve conflicts, communication, reliability, capacity, problem solving, willingness to learn, ability to think creatively, commitment, responsibility, tolerance of frustration. After completing the training, it is possible to attend ECO-C training, where a successful graduate obtains a European Communication Certificate ECO-C.

• IPMA methodology
• Prince2 methodology
• MS Office Project
• Additional training
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Participants will learn about planning and managing projects using selected software applications. On the selected projects they will gradually learn to insert new tasks to organise and schedule them, enter their time frames (deadlines) and interdependencies, identify and allocate the necessary resources to understand the logic of calculation of the work and the impact of changes of plan, locate and resolve congestion sources, check costs, save master plan, update and track the progress of the project. Furthermore, participants will try different outputs from the project, learn how to modify and create new views, tables and fields. Participants will also get opportunities to develop projects on different case studies.

• Computer skills
• Modern teaching techniques
• Psychology and Communication
• Verification of competence
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Continuing education


Continuous training of teachers and professional staff as part of lifelong learning is a continuous process of acquiring knowledge, skills and competences. Its aim is to acquire, restore, improve, extend and complement the professional competences required for teaching experience and professional activities. In the case of interest of our customers, we can provide training and verification of professional competence, which results in obtaining credits and in areas of MS Office, modern teaching techniques, communication, psychological and other skills.